Carlota of Mexico

Charlotte’s Web

In 1864 a Belgian princess sat on the throne of the new Mexican Empire. Charlotte, known to her Mexican subjects as Carlota, had sailed from Europe with the utmost excitement and hope – which made how her story ended that much more devastating.

Maria of Portugal

Something About Maria

We are back! This month we are traveling across multiple continents in a quest to determine how Queen Maria I of Portugal found herself tied to the same harrowing fate as her fellow monarch George III of England.

Living on a Prayer

Maria I of Portugal walked a thin line separating religious fervor and religious mania. That line remains a sensitive subject of neuroscience research.

One In a Brazillian

The French Revolution had serious repercussions for Queen Maria I of Portugal and her country. Faced with an impossible decision, her son had had two choices: surrender or flee.

Ludwig II of Bavaria

Drama King

Get your lederhosen and your pilsners ready because this month we meet the Mad King of Bavaria. But was he actually mad?

Body of Lies

The autopsy of King Ludwig is the closest we can come to understanding his life and death. But can we trust it?

Brain Man

Dr. von Gudden was just as much at the center of neuroscience as he was the mystery of King Ludwig’s death.

Emperor Taisho

Don’t Forget to Remember Me

Emperor Taisho’s short rule has been deemed insignificant by historians and by his own country. But this week we shed light on a man who helped usher Japan into the modern world.

Under Pressure

With limited information about Emperor Taisho, it’s hard to get in his head. But we can get inside his brain with modern research on meningitis.

Put Some Respeck On His Name

Taisho’s ascension to the throne marked a critical point in Japanese politics and culture as the country turned its eyes to the West and the possibilities that lay beyond its borders. So put some respeck on his name. 

King George III

Mr. Misunderstood

King George III is infamous for two things: 1. Losing the American colonies and 2. Being mad. But there is always more to the story…


When George passed, the people of the United Kingdom celebrated. However, they weren’t celebrating his death; they celebrated his life and what he had accomplished in the midst of the relentless battles against his own mind and body.

Princess Diana

Princess Charming

The problem with fairy tales is as we grow up, we begin to realize that they are not always as they appear. This was especially true of Princess Diana. Do you know the real story? Let’s find out.

Rebel With A Cause

Diana slowly broke down the way the British monarchy had operated for hundreds of years. Today, her legacy lives on through her children and through the courage she had to use her voice for the voiceless.

Rett on It

The genetic disease that afflicted Queen Elizabeth’s hidden, institutionalized cousins.

Ivan the Terrible

What’s In a Name?

In 1547, Ivan IV was crowned Russia’s very first tsar. But you may know Ivan by a different name – Ivan the Terrible.

If The Shoe Fits

Ivan the Terrible’s outburst that killed his son and heir had far reaching consequences, as did his almost 40 year reign.

Juana of Castile

Livin’ La Juana Loca

Her name says it all – Juana the Mad. This Spanish royal was in line for an inheritance that most men would kill for – but forces around her had other plans.

Breaking Sad

If depression was an appropriate response to the cards that life dealt Juana the Mad, can it truly be considered pathological?

Carry On My Wayward Son

The damage done to Juana of Castile’s reputation by the men in her life was so profound that 500 years later, all she is known for is being “mad”. But is that the extent of what she contributed to history?


The Emperor’s New Groove

Caligula’s reign was brief, but dramatic. Remembered as one of Ancient Rome’s cruelest leaders, we explore if Caligula was actually a madman or just a product of his environment.

Rome Sick

The case of Caligula illustrates an important point about mental and neurological diseases – it’s rarely just one thing.

Up All Night

Don’t sleep on the importance of getting enough rest. This week, we’re talking the neuroscience of insomnia.

Henry VIII

Bleeding Love

You’ve heard about the king who had six wives, but do you know the whole story? Henry VIII’s pursuit of a male heir changed the course of history in England, and Europe, forever.

Making a Murderer

Henry VIII and Aaron Hernandez both experienced the devastating effects of brain injury. But does a diagnosis make them less accountable for their crimes?

Father’s Daughters

Six women experienced the effects of Henry’s instability. But in the end, it was a woman who resurrected the tarnished Tudor name.

Taste of His Own Medicine

It’s no secret that Henry VIII struggled with his health. What might be more surprising is that his experiences as a patient inspired him to take some remarkable steps to modernize medicine.

Alexandra Feodorovna

‘Til Death Do Us Part

Before Anastasia, there was another Romanov who was the center of attention; her mother, Alexandra Feodorovna, Empress of Russia, whose reign seemed doomed from the start.

When Life Gives You Lenins

Alexandra’s mental instability left her increasingly dependent on Rasputin, who taught that “love is everything; love will protect you from a bullet.” No one loved her family more than Alexandra, but in the end, love could not save them.

Charles VI

The Glass is Always Greener

Diving into the mysterious phenomenon of glass delusion to understand why a generation of the powerful and wealthy feared they would shatter, and why it all but disappeared by the 1900s.

Summer Break

Don’t Mask, Don’t Tell

We keep hearing that what we are experiencing is “unprecedented.” But in reality, pandemics are nothing new, and neither is using masks to prevent the spread of disease.

WAP: Women Are Paramount

In light of the news that Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s VP choice, this week we are celebrating women! Learn about some ladies who led with their intellect and their strength, with maybe a little help from their charm and good looks as well…

Family Ties

Marriages between relatives strengthened the Habsburg dynasty for a time, but eventually led to its demise.

A League of Their Own

Has the lack of sports left a hockey rink-sized hole in your life? Fill the void by exploring favorite athletic pastimes enjoyed by Royals.

Heir B+B

Celebrate summer by taking a look at the favorite vacation spots of royals through the centuries.

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