Stefanie and Riley Bannon are sisters who have been fascinated by royal history since they were kids. Perhaps inspired by the animated film Anastasia, perhaps by their Princess Diana Beanie Babies, Stefanie and Riley have been devouring books, movies and television about royal dynasties their whole lives. This blog is a union of their separate academic interests with their shared love for monarchies. 

Stefanie, left, and Riley, right

Stefanie attended the University of Virginia, where she studied history and international affairs. Riley went to Northeastern University to study neuroscience and is now getting her PhD at Johns Hopkins. On Uneasy Lies the Crown, they will combine their expertise to examine famous royals from historical and biological perspectives. They hope to understand how mental and neurological illness shaped some of the world’s most important leaders, and the course of history in turn. After all, as Aristotle said, “There is no great genius without a touch of madness.”

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