Nobody Puts These Princesses in a Corner

This week, we were treated to a surprise royal wedding when Princess Beatrice, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson”, was married in an intimate ceremony in England. Proving that sometimes less is more, Beatrice and her now-husband Edoardo wowed the world with perhaps the most beautiful wedding to ever (responsibly) take place during a pandemic. In 2018, Beatrice’s younger sister Princess Eugenie also stunned us with her own royal wedding, not to be outdone by the likes of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Unfortunately for Beatrice and Eugenie, not only have they lived in the shadow of their famous cousins William and Harry, but also in the shadow of their parents’ scandals. Following Andrew and Fergie’s divorce, their mother found herself with a massive amount of debt that she attempted to pay off by offering access to Andrew for money. Andrew’s misdeeds have been far more egregious – his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and proclivity for young girls recently forced him to step away from public duties (still waiting on that arrest warrant…).

But despite the sins of their parents, these princesses have blossomed into successful and generous women who are deserving of their very own post!

A Grand Entrance

In 2011, my college roommate and I woke up at 3am to put on our Sunday best and get a front row seat in front of our TVs for William and Kate’s wedding. There were many noteworthy details of that day – Kate’s dress, Pippa’s bum, William’s receding hairline – but two girls caused a special stir that the world simply was not ready for. When attending a royal wedding, it is required that a woman’s head be covered (I would complain about the double standards if I didn’t love the hats so much). Beatrice and Eugenie got that memo and then some, stepping out of their car and onto the world’s biggest fashion stage wearing hats that would make them household names. Until this moment the girls did not get much attention for their style prowess, but these looks forced people to pay attention. They.Did.Not.Come.To.Play. And they have been serving up looks with a side of philanthropy ever since.

I think the hats speak for themselves.

Princess Beatrice 

Ninth in Line to the Throne

Like our own Queen Stefanie, Beatrice graduated college with a degree in history. But her achievement is much more impressive considering the fact that Beatrice was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of seven. In 2013, she became the royal patron of the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, which she credits with helping her get through schooling ( We also stan a royal who likes to stay fit – when she was 21, Beatrice ran the London Marathon in honor of her mother’s children’s charity, and became the first member of the royal family to complete the marathon.

Now to the fabulous wedding we didn’t know we desperately needed in this year of doom and gloom. Where do I start? The flowers! The dress! The tiara! The pure joy on the bride and grooms’ faces! The most special aspect of Beatrice’s big day was that her dress and tiara were loaned to her from her beloved grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen has provided tiaras for royal weddings in the past, but historically ones that did not have much significance to her. The tiara that Beatrice wore was the same that Elizabeth wore on her own wedding day in 1947. Her beautiful and unique wedding dress was worn by Elizabeth to an event in 1962. Clearly these two have a very special bond!

(Left) Queen Elizabeth on her own wedding day, wearing the tiara she loaned to Beatrice. (Right) This dress Elizabeth wore was repurposed for Beatrice – particularly the addition of sleeves.

Princess Eugenie 

Tenth in Line to the Throne

Just like her big sister, Eugenie had her own challenges as a child. When she was 12 she had major surgery to correct scoliosis, leaving her with a pronounced scar down her back. But instead of hiding it, Eugenie has publicly highlighted it on many occasions – including on her Instagram and on the biggest day of her life. She had her wedding dress designed with a deep V in the back specifically to show it off! In a society where women are taught to hide our every flaw, Eugenie is an inspiration with her message to embrace the things about ourselves others might not find beautiful.
Eugenie designed her wedding dress specifically to show off the scar from surgery to correct scoliosis.

In addition to the significant design of her wedding dress, the tiara Eugenie wore was also unique for a royal wedding. It featured emeralds instead of the traditional diamonds, which was perfection with her red-toned hair. But perhaps the best moment of her wedding came after the ceremony – her after-party dress is one of my favorite royal looks ever. Lowkey trying to figure out how I can befriend her so that she can lend it to me for my glamorous future wedding in Newport, Rhode Island. 

It fits like it was made for her (which it was).

She’s Beauty and She’s Grace, She’s Miss United…Kingdom

Outside of throwing beautiful weddings, Beatrice and Eugenie dedicate their time to extensive charity work. The list of charities that they support is as broad as it is impressive – children’s hospitals, anti-bullying, anti-trafficking, women in business and theater (to name a few). In fact, Princess Eugenie has a podcast in the works with an anti-trafficking organization, which unfortunately has reportedly been stalled due to the allegations against her father, Andrew. Neither women receive funds as members of the royal family, but instead support themselves through the novel concept of working!! At ages 31 and 30, the time has come to put some respeck on these princesses’ names. They are as classy in their everyday lives as they appear in their wedding photos.

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