Spill the Tea Party: George III Podcast

This month on the podcast, we’re talking about George III. It’s well accepted that he “went mad” but exactly when and from what remains a mystery. What can modern science and Lin Manuel Miranda tell us?

Plus: Encanto is a good movie. Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande have a contentious relationship. Is Zac Efron’s face okay?

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Heir Jordan: Talal bin Abdullah Uneasy Lies the Crown

Hundreds of years of politics and family tension preceded Talal bin Abdullah’s ascent to the Jordanian throne in 1951. After only a year, he was forced to abdicate. Was it because he was sick or were there ulterior motives at play? Our search for answers takes us from post-Word War Britain to 1950s Switzerland to the modern coronavirus pandemic. Plus: Prince Harry is a Maxinista. Is Camilla here for the right reasons? Riley's review of the song Stefanie's high school boyfriend wrote about her. Why was Matt Lauer ALWAYS at Easter Island?
  1. Heir Jordan: Talal bin Abdullah
  2. Tangled: Prince Henrik of Denmark
  3. Charlotte's Web: Carlota of Mexico
  4. The X Files: Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon
  5. God Save the Queen: Elizabeth II

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