A Dark and Stormy Night: Ludwig of Bavaria Podcast

We hope your stomachs are full from Thanksgiving leftovers and your shopping carts are full of Black Friday deals. Now kick back and enjoy the tragic tale of Germany’s fairytale King. A prominent neuroscientist diagnosed Ludwig of Bavaria with schizophrenia, but the truth might be much more sinister.

Plus: A terrible Adele impersonation. Riley lost her phone in the worst place imaginable. Stefanie quite literally spills the tea. What if this was an episode of Dateline?

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Heir Jordan: Talal bin Abdullah Uneasy Lies the Crown

Hundreds of years of politics and family tension preceded Talal bin Abdullah’s ascent to the Jordanian throne in 1951. After only a year, he was forced to abdicate. Was it because he was sick or were there ulterior motives at play? Our search for answers takes us from post-Word War Britain to 1950s Switzerland to the modern coronavirus pandemic. Plus: Prince Harry is a Maxinista. Is Camilla here for the right reasons? Riley's review of the song Stefanie's high school boyfriend wrote about her. Why was Matt Lauer ALWAYS at Easter Island?
  1. Heir Jordan: Talal bin Abdullah
  2. Tangled: Prince Henrik of Denmark
  3. Charlotte's Web: Carlota of Mexico
  4. The X Files: Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon
  5. God Save the Queen: Elizabeth II

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