Class is Back in Session

September is almost upon us, which means ULTC will be back with a new four-week series next Friday! We are excited to take a deep dive into the inner workings of a new ruler’s brain and historical impact. Prep for next week by taking a look back at everything we’ve posted so far!

Get back-to-school ready like George and Charlotte because ULTC returns next week! From ABC News.

Charles VI

Week 1: The story of how Charles VI of France went from “Beloved” to “Mad”; full of murder, mad kings, family feuds and backstabbing.

Week 2: Could schizophrenia have explained Charles VI’s strange behavior? And what can modern neuroscience tell us about what was going on inside his brain?

Week 3: Synthesizing history and science to examine how one man’s schizophrenia led to decades of war and the establishment of the bureaucratic state.

Week 4: Diving into the mysterious phenomenon of glass delusion to understand why a generation of the powerful and wealthy feared they would shatter, and why it all but disappeared by the 1900s.

Alexandra Feodorovna

Week 1: Before Anastasia, there was another Romanov who was the center of attention; her mother, Alexandra Feodorovna, Empress of Russia, whose reign seemed doomed from the start.

Week 2: The science of hypochondria though the lens of Alexandra Feodorovna, including how your body can look and feel pregnant when it’s not.

Week 3: Alexandra’s mental instability left her increasingly dependent on Rasputin, who taught that “love is everything; love will protect you from a bullet.” No one loved her family more than Alexandra, but in the end, love could not save them.

Week 4: How DNA testing put the rumors of Anastasia’s escape to bed, but could not put all of the Romanovs to rest.

Henry VIII

Week 1: You’ve heard about the king who had six wives, but do you know the whole story? Henry VIII’s pursuit of a male heir changed the course of history in England, and Europe, forever.

Week 2: Henry VIII and NFL player Aaron Hernandez both experienced the devastating effects of brain injury. But does a diagnosis make them less accountable for their crimes?

Week 3: Six women experienced the effects of Henry’s instability. But in the end, it was a woman who resurrected the tarnished Tudor name.

Week 4: It’s no secret that Henry VIII struggled with his health. What might be more surprising is that his experiences as a patient inspired him to take some remarkable steps to modernize medicine.

Summer Fun

Week 1: Celebrate summer by taking a look at the favorite vacation spots of royals through the centuries.

Week 2: Has the lack of sports left a hockey rink-sized hole in your life? Fill the void by exploring favorite athletic pastimes enjoyed by Royals.

Week 3: Marriages between relatives strengthened the Habsburg dynasty for a time, but eventually the biological fallout led to its demise.

Week 4: ULTC brings you a summer reading and watch list for history and science lovers alike.

Week 5: We explore why Beatrice and Eugenie are more than just their stunning wedding photos.

Week 6: What happens when royalty and science royalty collide during Nobel Prize Week?

Week 7: There is a rich history of royal women serving in hospitals during war, and most recently, during pandemics.

Week 8: In light of the news that Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s VP choice, we are celebrating women! Learn about some ladies who led with their intellect and their strength, with maybe a little help from their charm and good looks as well…

Week 9: We keep hearing that what we are experiencing is “unprecedented.” But in reality, pandemics are nothing new, and neither is using masks to prevent the spread of disease.

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